1. Innovation Workshop With Lotus College of Optometry, Mumbai & KwaZulu Natal University, South Africa

The REDX WeSchool team conducted a two day innovation workshop for optometry students from Lotus College of Optometry, Mumbai and University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Students from University of …

2. Innovation Webinar in Collaboration with Lotus College of Optometry

The REDX WeSchool team conducted an online webinar for the participants of innovation workshop to help them give a little introduction to the process of innovation that was taught in …

3. REDX MLCC Study Jams

Hello! Let’s come together and delve deeper into the world of Machine learning (ML)!
Registration Closed!
REDX WeSchool is excited to bring Google’s Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC) Study Jam to you.
About MLCC
Google in collaboration …

4. REDX Health Meet-up

Networking over tea with like-minded healthtech enthusiasts – doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs, students, innovators, professionals that are passionate to solve pressing challenges we face and contribute to improve our healthcare ecosystem.